Flattr Developer Platform

Flattr tools

There are several 3rd-party extensions and resources making it easier to integrate Flattr on your blog, podcast, mobile application and such. On this page we try to collect them all. If you think there are tools missing feel free to send us a link or make a pull-request.


 BlogEngine.NET Extension
 Blogger Widget
 Blox HowTo
 Movable Type HowTo
 Serendipity plugin
  SubText HowTo
 Tumblr guide
 TYPO3 Plugin
 TYPO3 Extension
 WordPress.org Plugin
 WordPress.org Comments
 WordPress.com Widget

Forum & Wiki

 DokuWiki Plugin
 IkiWiki Plugin
 MyBB Plugin
 Vanilla Plugin

CMS & Tools

 CakePHP Helper HowTo
 Concrete5 block
 Contao (TYPOlight) Extension: zFlattr
 Drupal Flattr Module
 ocPortal Block
 SPIP Plugin
 Symfony plugin


 AddThis HowTo
 Android: HowTo get Flattr in apps
 Fast Flattr
XPages Flattr Button Custom Control

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